• VoidExpanse is an open-world, science fiction action-RPG set in space.

    VoidExpanse is available for PC, Mac and Linux.

    Explore the huge open-world of VoidExpanse, mine asteroids for valuable resources, trade with space stations and merchants to improve your ship or complete quests, advance your character by picking skills from a very diverse skill tree, survive fast paced combat with hostile aliens and mercenaries and explore many other features which together make VoidExpanse an exciting Sci-Fi universe!

  • Exploration

    Huge procedurally generated galaxies to explore with a multitude of different star systems, full of unexpected encounters and secrets to discover. Fight with pirates, find space anomalies, visit different space stations, search for ancient ruins and artifacts. There is a whole galaxy waiting for you.
  • Combat

    We have built the combat system to be extremely diverse, with each option offering a unique playstyle. Choose between hundreds of different weapons in four categories: energy, ballistic, missiles and mines. To add more punch, use special devices such as EMP generators, ECM, missile disruptors and others. Face different enemies starting from usual space pirates, to biological alien hives.
  • Design your ship

    Use hundreds of different modules, devices, weapons and boosters to design a completely custom ship, ideal for your play style. Explore the galaxy to find even more new elements to use and customize your design for an even more personal approach.
  • Mining

    Mine asteroids to extract valuable ores. Use different mining equipment, skills and modules making mining into a whole game in itself. Can you find and extract the rarest minerals in the depths of space? But be careful, high rewards can also attract unwanted attention from pirates.
  • Trade

    Realistically simulated trade system. Different space stations will have different goods offered for sale, or be interested in purchasing. You can find profitable trade routes and exploit these opportunities. Combine that with several trading skills for an interesting and non-trivial economic simulation.
  • Faction warfare

    Join one of several unique factions each with their own agendas, territories and people. But joining them won't be so easy as you will have to first earn their trust and respect. Once you are one of them each faction will offer you unique equipment, abilities and opportunities as well as a whole separate story line that will lead to a completely different ending.
  • Multiplayer

    Singleplayer is not enough for you? Multiplayer in VoidExpanse features fully persistent worlds, turning each server into a mini MMO. Create your own galaxy to discover with custom mods installed, or play on any existing servers that other people have created. Ally with other players or destroy them!
  • Skills

    The game features a very diverse skill system with several separate categories: piloting, combat, engineering and social - each complete with several separate skill trees. More than a hundred skills total covering all areas of progression within the world of VoidExpanse.
  • Story

    Intriguing story with a multitude of quests, unique characters with their own backstory and agenda. Join any faction to complete their missions and help them get to dominance in their sector of space. The story in VoidExpanse is completely nonlinear and your actions and choices do matter! The game also features several completely different endings.
  • Modding

    VoidExpanse has a custom scripting engine, accessible enough to be used by players as well as developers. Customization was one of the primary goals in development - VoidExpanse is not just a game, but a whole ecosystem that can be expanded upon for unlimited creative expression.